S.E. Medical, Inc. PRODUCTS Solidity
Small VBR
Omni VBR
ADD Plus
S.E. Medical, Inc. PRODUCTS Lumbar Delta 59
Comfortmax Elite Cervical Orthosis
Comfortland OA Knee Brace
Thermax Hot/Cold Water Circulation System
8" Universal Wrist and Thumb Splint
S.E. Medical, Inc. PRODUCTS 3-Ply Mask
Cover Gown
Isolation Gown
Surgical Gown

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We improve patients quality of life by reducing pain and improving musculoskeletal functions.

About us

We are living in unprecedent times in this US economy.  There is so much complexity in the healthcare industry.  Insurance companies have changed their business models, leaving the most important element behind, the Patient.  Patient care is clearly not where it should be.  

Therefore, our vision is to improve patient care, by expanding our product lines with our manufacturers.  We have expanded our manufacturing partners, in which offers more options to the patient.

We have partnered with surgical implant companies, physical care providers, manufacturers, governments, and others to deliver the right medical products and healthcare services to the patients in a safely and cost-effectively manner.

Reducing pain and improving function

Getting back to a healthy lifestyle

Quality products for pain management

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working together with organizations to help get life-saving tools into the hands that can make a difference